Best split mechanical keyboards

A split keyboard is two halves with buttons connected by a wire. It allows you to straighten your hands, remove strain from your wrists and work more productively. With a split keyboard, you can forget about tunnel syndrome, arm pronation and elbow deviation – common problems among office workers. In addition, ergonomic keyboards allow you … Read more

Best 65% mechanical keyboards

Mechanical keyboards 65% belong to the compact class. Their main difference from the full-size ones is the missing number block on the side and the F1-F12 keys on the top. They are replaced by layers, which are activated by key combinations. Compared to the 60% keyboards, they have a few extra system buttons and control … Read more

Best 100% full size mechanical keyboards

100% mechanical keyboards contain all the keys you need to work. There is a numpad, F1-F12, arrows, navigation block and additional keys. Some manufacturers, such as Corsair, equip them with buttons for macros. The American standard ANSI has 104 keys, the European ISO has 105. Full-size models weigh more than 1 kg and require a … Read more

Best 75% mechanical keyboards

The 75% size keyboard is a good balance between a full-size and an ultra-compact keyboard 60%. It has no numpad, the rest of the keys are tightly spaced, with no empty space separating them. Arrows and system commands can stand in a single row to the right or go into the main unit. This compactness … Read more

Best 60% mechanical keyboards

The 60% format keyboards contain 61-62 keys and are ultra-compact. The size is a little more than half of a full-size keyboard. Therefore, they can easily fit in a backpack or a bag and take up little space on the table. Their peculiarity is the absence of F-keys, numpad, arrows and system functions block above … Read more