Best 100% full size mechanical keyboards

100% mechanical keyboards contain all the keys you need to work. There is a numpad, F1-F12, arrows, navigation block and additional keys. Some manufacturers, such as Corsair, equip them with buttons for macros. The American standard ANSI has 104 keys, the European ISO has 105.

Full-size models weigh more than 1 kg and require a lot of space, so they are well suited for desktop computers. 100% keyboards are often used by programmers. A large number of keys allows you to create combinations and macros required for work. For the same reason they are useful for gamers.

Mechanical keyboards differ from membrane keyboards in their more complex key mechanism. It consists of a slider, a metal spring and a stem. With this mechanism, the button closes the contact before it reaches the end. With a mechanical keyboard, you don’t have to force the button like you do with a membrane keyboard. This helps you type faster and play better in shooters.

Rating of the best keyboards 100%

Here are the best keyboards in different categories. There are models for gaming and typing.

Best overall: Leopold FC900R

Best fo gaming: Corsair K100

Best budget: Velocifire VM02WS

Best wireless: Varmilo VBS108

Best for typing: FILCO Majestouch 2

Best ergonomic: Logitech G613


Selection parameters

We selected according to three main parameters:

  • Switches. The leader on the market is Cherry. Switches from this brand are the most reliable and durable.
  • Materials. A good keyboard should be made of PBT plastic. It is better able to withstand mechanical impact than ABS.
  • Manufacturing techniques. It is better if the inscriptions on the keycaps will be applied by double molding technology (double shot keycaps), then they will not rub off even after 10 years of use.
  • Price.


Keyboard Switch Backlight Keycaps Weight, kg Connection
Leopold FC900R Cherry MX Нет PBT, Double Shot 1.2 Wired
Corsair K100 Cherry MX, Corsair OPX RGB PBT, Double Shot 1.31 Wired
Velocifire VM02WS Content Brown Белая ABS 1.2 Wired, Wireless
Varmilo VBS108 Cherry MX Да, RGB PBT, сублимация 1.1 Wired, Wireless, Bluetooth
FILCO Majestouch 2 Cherry MX Brown Нет PBT 1.2 Wired, Wireless
Logitech G613 Cherry MX Brown Нет PBT, Double Shot 1.4 Wired, Wireless, Bluetooth

The best 100% keyboards: overview and recommendations

Leopold FC900R


  • Weight (kg): 1,2
  • Dimensions (mm): 440*140*33
  • Switches: Cherry MX
  • Backlight: no
  • Wireless: no

The keyboard is made in a strict design: the keys and board are painted black, there are no unnecessary drawings and inscriptions. The keycaps are deepened into the case, so you can’t see the switches. The case is made of durable plastic with a rough surface that will not leave fingerprints.

On the bottom side is a mini-USB, a DIP switch for button settings, retractable and rubber feet. The switch allows you to swap the buttons: Left Ctrl can be changed to Caps Lock.

There is a metal plate inside the case for more rigidity. The keycaps are made of PBT-plastic, so they will last for decades. The same is true for the characters, which are applied to the buttons using double casting technology. The keycaps are 1.5 mm thick.

Used Cherry MX Silver pistons. Their triggering point is higher than that of the Red. This allows you to print faster. The stabilizers do their job, Backspace, Enter and other long buttons are not floppy, what cannot be said about the space bar. The button dangles and is not pressed evenly. No backlight. The LED indicators for Caps Lock, Num Pad, ScrLk buttons are hidden under the keycaps.


  • Double shot PBT plastic
  • Customizability.
  • Small price.


  • Wobbly space bar.

Corsair K100


  • Weight (kg): 1,31
  • Dimensions (mm): 470 x 166 x 38
  • Switches: Cherry MX, Corsair OPX
  • Backlight: yes, RGB
  • Wireless: no

Gaming keyboard from the famous company Elgato. The keycaps are made of PBT plastic, and the characters are applied by double casting. Their thickness is 1,5 mm. The surface of the case is stylized like wood. There are no side walls, so you can see the switches.

There is a hand rest included. Unlike previous models in this line, it is attached with magnets. The stand is made of leather substitute, which has a memory effect.

On the side of the keyboard are buttons for macros. You can assign them to any action or sync with the Stream Deck from Elgato. On the top of the keyboard there is an iCUE wheel for backlight adjustment and a volume control. The keyboard is connected via USB. The cable is protected by a fabric braid and is 1.8 m long.

Cherry MX RGB Speed and Corsair OPX – developed by Elgato – can be used as switches. The manufacturer promises that each button will withstand 150 million keystrokes. The key reading frequency of the model varies from 1 to 4 kHz. It conforms to the ISO standard.


  • RGB backlight with 20 layers.
  • There is an additional keyboard for macros.
  • Ergonomic case with a handstand.


  • High price.

Velocifire VM02WS


  • Weight (kg): 1,2
  • Dimensions (mm): 444x140x40
  • Switches: Content Brown
  • Backlight: yes, white
  • Wireless: yes

A budget full-size keyboard for the office. Also suitable for gaming, but the Chinese switches can let you down at the crucial moment. The design is simple, without any pictures or logos. It is worth noting the marking case, which will remain fingerprints.

In order to keep the price for a full-size keyboard small, the manufacturer used ABS plastic. On the buttons, the characters are simply glued. No double-casting technology was used, so the inscriptions will rub off after a couple of years of use. Anti-Ghosting is supported, but N-key is not. The backlight is turned on with the Fn + up arrow keys.

The switches used are the low-end Content Brown. According to user reviews, they squeak a lot, but the keycaps hold up reliably. The keyboard can store up to three macros. Also inside is a 1850 mAh battery. As the manufacturer promises, it will last 25 hours with the backlight on and 90 hours with it off. If you don’t want to waste a charge, you can connect the device via USB. The cable length is 1.5 m.


  • Small price.
  • Wireless and wired mode.


  • Weak switches.

Varmilo VBS108


  • Weight (kg): 1,1
  • Dimensions (mm): 442*137*33
  • Switches: Cherry MX
  • Backlight: yes, white
  • Wireless: yes

Varmilo VBS108 is a full-size mechanical keyboard, which is loved not for its features, but for its design.

The Cherry MX switches are hidden in the case. The actuation length of these switches is only 2mm, so the keyboard is great for word processing. The keycaps are made of PBT plastic, but without Double Shot. The manufacturer didn’t skimp on the stabilizers. For example, Scape has mountains on it, Esc has fire, and Enter has coordinates written on it. The case itself is stylized as wood. The texture is printed even on the bottom side of the keyboard.

The Cherry MX switches are hidden in the case. The actuation length of these switches is only 2mm, so the keyboard is great for word processing. The keycaps are made of PBT plastic, but without Double Shot. But the manufacturer didn’t skimp on the stabilizers. Long buttons like Space and Backspace don’t flutter and are pressed evenly. There is a white backlight, but it is made badly: the light hits the eyes strongly at maximum brightness.


  • Beautiful design.
  • Triple Mode – Bluetooth 5.0, 2.4ghz Wireless, and USB-C connectivity
  • Cherry switches.
  • Good stabilizers.


  • The backlighting of the keys is too bright.

FILCO Majestouch 2


  • Weight (kg): 1,2
  • Dimensions (mm): 440*138*38
  • Switches: Cherry MX Brown
  • Backlight: no
  • Wireless: no

If you need a full-size keyboard for word processing in the office or at home, the FILCO Majestouch 2 is the best choice. The device is made in strict design without any drawings or inscriptions. The massive housing is a bit like the old Microsoft keyboards. The plastic of the case, made by Soft Touch technology. According to user reviews, the surface of the case is similar to leather.

The keys are firmly fixed to the scrolls, which are hidden in the case. The keys do not backlash, even the space bar is pressed evenly. The switches are quiet Cherry MX Brown, but the keys still make clicking noises. The noise is most likely caused by the ABS plastic that the switches are made of. The stabilizers are made by Costar.

The power cable is standard, its length is 1,5 m. Minus: in the case of breakage you can not replace the wire without disassembling the keyboard. On the underside of the case there are 4 rubber feet. They are quite hard, even a slight shock will make the keyboard slide.


  • Quality assembly.
  • Strict design.


  • Cable that cannot be replaced.

Logitech G613


  • Weight (kg): 1,4
  • Dimensions (mm): 478*216*33
  • Switches: Cherry MX Brown
  • Backlight: no

Full-size keyboard with an ergonomic design. The manufacturer included a stand for your smartphone and a receiver. The receiver doesn’t support Unifying, so you can’t connect several devices at the same time. There is also an extension cord for 1.5 meters.

The keyboard is powered by two AA batteries. The manufacturer claims that the device will work 18 months on a single charge. The quality of the plastic is top-notch: the case does not bend and does not squeak.

G613 has a lot of additional buttons. There are G-keys for macros, sound and brightness controls. However, according to users’ reviews, the buttons start to twitch after one year of use.


  • Ergonomic stand.
    Durable case.
    Has a G-block.


  • Buttons fail quickly

Advantages of full-size keyboards

The main advantage is the number of buttons. You can write as many macros as you want, keybind or change the key assignment as you need. In addition, Numpad allows you to quickly type large numbers, and the arrows and navigation pad allows you to navigate in long documents. Thanks to the size and weight of 100% the keyboard stands firmly on the table. You can’t knock it by accidental movement of your hand like a small 60% model.

Another advantage is its support of ANSI or ISO standard. You won’t have to get used to the new button layout.

Disadvantages of full-size keyboards

The only disadvantage of this device is its size. A large keyboard, which weighs 1.5 kg, is difficult to carry, so it is only suitable for desktop computers. Also 100% of models will occupy a lot of space on a small table. This fact should be paid special attention to gamers, who are used to play with 400 dpi mouse sensitivity.


How is a gaming keyboard different from a typing keyboard?

The difference between gaming and non-gaming models is very relative. Devices for gaming are equipped with fast switches, which have a small pressure force and actuation stroke. For example, Cherry MX Red and MX Silver are often used.

Does a mechanical keyboard make more noise than a membrane keyboard?

It all depends on the manufacturer. A quality membrane keyboard will be virtually silent, while a cheap model may be noisier than a mechanical one.

What is a Hot Swap?

Hot Swap is a special mechanism that allows you to take out the switches in one movement. You do not need to completely disassemble the keyboard. It is enough to remove the key cap and pull out the switch with a regular puller.

Should I choose ABS or PBT plastic?

The main difference between the materials is durability. ABS makes a thin and fragile cap, while PBT is much stronger.

What is the double casting technology?

Double Casting or Double Shot is a technology where the keycap is made of two parts. The lower part has the characters on it, so it will never rub off.

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