Best 75% mechanical keyboards

The 75% size keyboard is a good balance between a full-size and an ultra-compact keyboard 60%. It has no numpad, the rest of the keys are tightly spaced, with no empty space separating them. Arrows and system commands can stand in a single row to the right or go into the main unit. This compactness results in a portable design and preserves typing comfort.

Mechanical keyboards 75 percent allow more space for the mouse on the right side. This is important for fast-paced shooters, where the mouse flies across the table. 75% format is often used by programmers and text editors who are interested in typing speed and F-keys for which shortcuts for control and programming are binded. In addition, the keyboard is easily customizable – all the main keys are in place.

Best keyboards 75% rating

Below are the best 75% keyboard choices. Each has its own unique features, so they are categorized. Among them are gaming keyboards and those designed for typing/work.

Best Weight: NuPhy Air75 LowProfile

Best Gaming: Keychron K2

Best budget: Velocifire Mini 78-Key

Best ergonomics: Mistel Keyboards BAROCCO MD770

Best print/workability: Vortex Tab75

The main parameters of the presented devices

The 75% keyboards have different characteristics and features. Therefore, below is a table to compare the main indicators.

Model Keys Backlight Keycaps Weight, g Connection
NuPhy Air75 LowProfile 84 Yes, RGB PBT 523 wired, Bluetooth
Keychron K2 84 Yes, RGB PBT 787 wired, Bluetooth
Velocifire Mini 78-Key 78 Yes, blue ABS 700 wired
Mistel Keyboards BAROCCO MD770 85 Yes, RGB PBT 810 wired, Bluetooth
Vortex Tab75 83 No PBT 812 wereless, wired


Best keyboards 75% – short review

NuPhy Air75 LowProfile

Lightweight and comfortable 84-key wireless keyboard with a low profile and thin aluminum bezel. Compatible with Windows and Mac, you can connect Android or iOS, use as a laptop keyboard. Supports Siri and Cortana, all F-keys are present.

On each side of the frame there is a light indicator: the left one shows Caps Lock and USB cable connection to the device, the right one shows battery level and computer system status. You can see them without moving your hand. The backlighting of the keys has 21 modes. You can change it by selecting dynamic or static mode. The inscriptions on the keys are not translucent, so when the backlight is on they are not visible in the dark.

The battery capacity is 2500 mA/h. This is enough to use the keyboard continuously for 48 hours or a week of normal operation (8 hours a day). Turning off daylight mode extends use time.

The Air75 case is made of aluminum, with aluminum alloy joints. The thinnest part of the keyboard is 16 mm and weighs only 523 grams. Dimensions: 31.6 x 13.3 x 1.6 centimeters.

With 2.4GHz wireless connection and Bluetooth 5, the Air75 can connect to up to four devices at the same time and switch between them easily. For faster response, you can use a USB-C cable to connect the keyboard directly to your computer.

Of the obvious disadvantages it is worth noting the high cost, which makes it impossible to classify the Air75 in the category of budget.


Low weight;
Programmable backlight mode;
Low-profile design does not cause hand fatigue and does not require a wrist rest.


The writing on the keys is not translucent.

Keychron K2

A good quality wireless model of the 75% form factor with 84 keys. By default it comes in a plastic case of gray/light gray design, with white key illumination and Gateron switches in brown, blue and red shades. This variety of colors is useful in shooters or RPGs where the user is required to react quickly. The switches have a lifespan of 50 million keystrokes.

The keyboard has a high profile, which can cause strain in the wrists. The frame is slightly tilted for comfort: the minimum tilt angle is 6.5%, the maximum is 11%. But some people may still need a handstand. Dimensions are quite compact: 31.6 x 12.7 x 4.2 cm. The weight is 787 grams.

The battery capacity of the K2 is 4000 mAh. This guarantees 70 hours of continuous work if you use the keyboard “at full power”. With the backlight turned off, the model will work for 240 hours. There is fast charging via USB Type-C. Fully drained battery charges in 3 hours.

The keyboard works with Windows and MacOS, in addition you can connect a smartphone with Android or iOS, iPad tablet. This versatility allows you to play anywhere and on anything. Connects to devices using Bluetooth 5.1. there is USB Type-C.

The cost of the K2 is average on the market, around $100. That’s a far cry from the highest price in the world of mechanical keyboards.


Good battery life;
Wireless communication with no signal delays;
Soft key stroke;
Quiet operation.


No wrist rest;
No macro programmable keys.

Velocifire Mini 78-Key

Keyboard from the category of budget, has some unique features. The first – there is free space between the keys, the second – the absence of Delete, End, Home and other keys, which are located near the arrows. Their functions are fully transferred to the F-row.

On the plus side, we can mention the size of the device: 30 x 13 x 3,8 cm. Such a compact design could be achieved by reducing the number of keys – there are only 78. The keyboard weight is 700 grams.

Noisy switches, no clicking noises, tactile feedback and blue backlighting. Very convenient that the letters are see-through, they are well seen in the dark when the backlight is on. The caps made of ABS-plastic are pleasant to press, but they are unlikely to last long. However, they can always be replaced with other caps – Cherry MX feet allow for this to be done by a non-specialist.

The disadvantages include the presence of only one type of connection – via USB 2.0 cable and lack of compatibility with the operating system Mac.


Nice price;
Small size.


Works only with Windows and Linux;
No wireless connection.

Mistel Keyboards BAROCCO MD770

The best ergonomic keyboard of the 75%. It can be literally split in half and put under each hand its own part of the device – it is much more convenient to work or play.

All keys are programmable, there are additional Fn-functions: the combination Fn + S / D controls the media volume, the bunch Fn + Q / E switches music tracks in the player, and Fn + F turns off the sound. Barocco MD770 size: 32 x 14 x 3.4 cm (when connected together). Weight 0.81 kg.

The keyboard is equipped with Cherry MX switches in a choice of colors: red, blue, black, brown and silver. There is RGB backlighting, which can be customized to suit the tastes of the particular user. Next to the Mistel logo there are LED indicators showing Caps Lock pressed, Bluetooth connection, battery level.

Pleased with high quality caps. They are made of durable PBT plastic, for the inscriptions are used a thicker coating with double coating. The total number of keys is 85.

BAROCCO MD770 is fully compatible with Mac OS, USB and Bluetooth connection are provided. The latter supports up to three devices simultaneously. The switching is done via Pn + F1/F2/F3.

The disadvantage of the keyboard is the built-in battery. In the active mode of operation via Bluetooth its capacity lasts only for 1 hour. And when the battery is fully discharged the macros are reset.


Ergonomics, ease of use;
Additional Fn-functions;
Compatibility with Mac OS;
High quality keys, durability.


Low battery capacity;
The letters are poorly lit due to the thick layer of plastic and the side placement of the LED.
High price.

Vortex Tab75

A strict office option for typing or programming. It has two types of connection: USB-C cable and Bluetooth 3.0. The case is made of plastic, keyboard dimensions: 33 x 15 x 5.1 cm, weight 812 grams.

The Tab75 is available with a choice of Cherry MX switches in a variety of colors. The keyboard also has three programmable layers of its own and one standard layer. Compatible with major operating systems: Linux, MacOS and Windows.

The keys are made of durable PBT-plastic – sunlight doesn’t scare them, the surface is almost indestructible, but there is no backlight. Cherry MX Speed Silver keys are characterized by a short travel and absence of tactile feedback. This allows the keys to be pressed faster, and the typing speed increases. The Tab75 doesn’t have a stylish design – everything is geared just for work.

A significant disadvantage of the keyboard is the cost – about $ 130. There are manufacturers on the market offering more interesting options for the same price.


Wireless connection, paired with 4 devices at once and the ability to sync them;
High quality caps;
Extensive programmability.


High price;
Powered by two AA batteries in wireless mode;
No backlighting.
Advantages of 75% keyboards.

The main advantage is the size. It’s smaller than a classic 104-key keyboard, without sacrificing the arrow pad and F-key pad. For some, the ultra-compact format and lack of space between the keys can be an advantage. Such design is convenient for blind typing.

Also worth noting is the low weight of 75% keyboards – usually not more than 1,000 grams. It is convenient if you have to take the keyboard with you.


Mechanical keyboards 75 percent have only one disadvantage – you need to get used to the new arrangement of the keys. Moreover, each user will get used to it differently. Someone will quickly get accustomed to an unusual design, the other will need several months to adapt, the third will not be able to use a mini-keyboard and return to a full-size keyboard.

Keyboards 75% will suit people who want to free up some space on the table, but do not want to part with the arrows and keys of the functional series. The 75% form factor will be a good choice for gamers, programmers and freelancers working from home.

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