The Best Single-Handed Keyboards for Gaming: Reviews and Recommendations

“Single-handed keyboards” are small keyboards designed to be used with one hand. They usually feature between 15 and 30 keys and are not intended to fully replace a full-sized keyboard.

One-handed keyboards are small in size and can fit on any desk. As a result, they have become popular among gamers who frequently play first-person shooter (FPS) games. By lowering the mouse DPI to a minimum, nothing will interfere with moving the mouse around the entire desk. However, these keyboards are not suitable for fans of MOBA games as this genre requires many key combinations. One-handed keyboard models can also be used as an additional button block.

Best single-handed keyboards


Model Switch Backlight Keys Dimensions, mm
ENHANCE Gaming Keypad Membrane RGB 35 22.9*15.2*2.5
Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad Membrane RGB 25 20.3*15.3*6
Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard Membrane RGB 22 17*24*4
Redragon K585 Outemu RGB 47 26*22*5

Best single-handed keyboards: reviews and recomendations

Best budget: ENHANCE Gaming Keypad


  • Switches: мембранные
  • Connection: USB
  • Dimensions (cm): 22.9*15.2*2.5
  • Number of buttons: 35
  • Backlighting: RGB

This is one of the most affordable single-handed keyboards on the market. The device has a plastic body with rubber pads on the bottom to prevent slipping. The ergonomic design includes a small stand that helps to relieve wrist strain. Unlike many other devices, the ENHANCE keyboard has a drainage system that removes excess moisture.

There are only 35 keys, so the device is not suitable for typing, but it is useful for gamers. The keycaps are made of ABS plastic, and the manufacturer also opted for membrane switches instead of mechanical ones to cut costs. Although there are no special macro keys, the functionality of two buttons can be customized. The keyboard also has customizable backlighting with seven colors.

Best ergonomic: Razer Tartarus v2 Gaming Keypad


  • Switches: Membrane
  • Connection: USB
  • Dimensions (cm): 20.3*15.3*6
  • Number of buttons: 25
  • Backlighting: RGB

Razer is one of the few brands that makes excellent equipment for a very narrow audience. The Tartarus v2 is a small keypad with 25 programmable buttons. It supports 5 layouts, making it suitable for any game that requires this number of keys.

The ergonomic body is made of tactile plastic. There is a wrist rest, and its position can be adjusted. On the side, there is a space bar, hat switch, and scroll wheel.

The buttons, unlike those on standard keyboards, are arranged in straight vertical rows, making it difficult to get used to. The Tartarus v2 is also not suitable for people with small palms because it may be uncomfortable to reach the upper keys. It uses mecha-membrane switches as switches, which differ from membrane ones by making a clicking sound.

Best overall: Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard


  • Switches: Membrane
  • Connection: USB
  • Dimensions (cm): 17*24*4
  • Number of buttons: 22
  • Backlighting: RGB

Logitech has always been known for its high-quality and technological products, and the G13 one-handed keyboard is no exception. This model has it all: a durable body, an ergonomic stand, 22 programmable keys with three profiles, a hat switch, and even a display. The USB cable is a whole 3 meters long, which is extremely rare for keyboards. The main downside is the high price of the device.

The display shows information about the time and date. You can also turn on a timer, stopwatch, check the load on the RAM and processor, or use the screen to quickly switch music. To ensure that the keyboard works properly, install the Logitech Gaming Software driver and program. It is necessary to configure keys and backlighting.

Best mechanical: Redragon K585


  • Switches: Outemu
  • Connection: USB
  • Dimensions (cm): 26*22*5
  • Number of buttons: 47
  • Backlighting: RGB

“Pretty good one-handed keyboard. K585 is used for various games, but mainly for MOBA and shooter. However, the device will also be suitable for RTS strategies.

The case is made of durable plastic. All parts are well connected, nothing wobbles or rattles. The ergonomic stand reduces the load on the hand, so you can play on the K585 for longer than on a regular keyboard. It is held on magnets.

Outemu switches are used as switches – a Chinese clone of Cherry MX. The keyboard can be purchased with Outemu Red, Blue, and Brown switches. The buttons are easy to press, with a click sound, although there are no tactile sensations.

There are two ports on the back: USB and USB mini. To prevent the keyboard from slipping, the manufacturer added rubber feet. In addition to the main block of keys, there are five G-buttons and four M-buttons. The Redragon DITI program is used to record macros and change the backlight.”

What to pay attention to?

Types and time of habit formation

One-handed keyboards can be divided into two categories. The first category includes regular models that precisely replicate the left side of a full-size keyboard. You quickly get used to such devices, and they are suitable for gamers who lack space on their desk.

The second type of keyboards does not resemble standard ones. They often have additional levers, wheels, and other switches. They are also more ergonomic. The transition to such a one-handed keyboard will take more time. They are suitable for office workers who need an additional block of keys. Gamers are better off choosing standard models.

Type of Switches

It is important to pay attention to the type of switches, as it affects the quality of the game and typing experience. Most keyboards for one hand use membrane switches, which are quiet. There are also mechanical switches that can be divided into three types:

  • Linear switches are light and fast, suitable for gaming;
  • Tactile switches provide tactile feedback, making them suitable for typing;
  • Clicky switches provide not only feedback but also an audible click.

Who are they suitable for?

As we have already mentioned, one-handed keyboards are suitable for FPS gamers. However, there are other categories of people who will benefit from these devices:

  • Users who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • People who work in Photoshop, Blender, Sony Vegas, and other similar programs.
  • All hotkeys will be nearby, so you don’t have to take your left hand off the mouse.
  • Owners of laptops and phones.
  • You can connect a one-handed keyboard to your smartphone or laptop, which will give you an advantage in games.
  • People with limited abilities.

Advantages of a One-Handed Keyboard

The main advantages of such models include their low cost. Unlike full-size keyboards, which can cost up to $200, they cost $40-60.

Another important advantage is ergonomics. A small cushion next to the buttons or a plastic stand reduces tension in the carpal canal. In addition, you won’t have to move your wrists around the keyboard, reducing elbow deviation.

A one-handed keyboard is also convenient for gaming. All the necessary buttons will be nearby. You won’t have to constantly look down, distracting yourself from the game.


The main disadvantage of a one-handed keyboard is that there are too few keys, which makes it suitable only for gaming. Most people need a minimum of 60 keys for normal work. One-handed models have only 30-40 keys.

Also, such keyboards are not suitable for all types of games. For example, in MOBA and MMORPG games, you have to use a lot of key combinations that simply won’t fit on a one-handed keyboard.

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