Best low profile mechanical keyboards

Low-profile keyboards are devices with thin keys. Switches on such models have a lower actuation point, approximately 1 mm. This significantly increases typing speed, which is why they are primarily used by programmers and copywriters. Low-profile keyboards are also used in gaming, but much less frequently than traditional models. The small key travel often leads to accidental clicks.

Devices with different switches are available for sale. Scissor and membrane switches are most commonly used. Low-profile mechanical keyboards are also available but are much less common.

Best Low-Profile Keyboards

Here are the best low-profile keyboards sorted into different categories.

Selection Criteria

When choosing models, we relied on the characteristics that any mechanical keyboard should meet:

  • switches and their tactile feedback;
  • keycap material and the technology used to create them;
  • build quality;
  • price.

Best Low-Profile Keyboards: Overview and Recommendations.

Best overall: Logitech G815


  • Dimensions (LWH, cm): 47.5*15*2.2
  • Weight (kg): 1.1
  • Profile: 100%
  • Backlighting: RGB
  • Wireless: No

This low-profile keyboard is suitable for both typing and gaming. Its beautiful design, sturdy aluminum body, and pleasant feedback from its mechanical switches will leave a positive impression.

The keyboard’s body is made of durable aluminum with a steel plate at the bottom that increases its rigidity. Thanks to this, the device can withstand even the most emotional gamer. Compared to other models, the thickness of the body is only 2.2 cm.

The manufacturer has installed additional buttons for macros, for which you can set 3 profiles, and a mechanical wheel for adjusting the volume. Logitech uses its own development – GL switches. The mechanism is similar to Cherry switches, but the travel distance of Logitech switches is much shorter. The distance to the activation point is 1.5 mm, and the total travel distance is only 2.7 mm, compared to 2 mm and 4 mm for Cherry MX Red.

The manufacturer has also installed RGB backlighting. It is made using LIGHT SYNC technology, which allows you to set a specific color for each key. The backlighting can also synchronize with other applications and devices.

Best for gaming: Fnatic STREAK 65


  • Dimensions (LWH, cm): 10.85*31.75*2.2
  • Weight (kg): 0.426
  • Profile: 65%
  • Backlighting: RGB
  • Wireless: No

Fnatic is a well-known brand among gamers that produces computer peripherals and actively participates in the esports scene. The most famous development of Fnatic is the STREAK 65 keyboard. It is a compact low-profile device for gaming and typing.

The keycaps are made of durable PBT plastic using the Double Shot technology. The keyboard uses Fnatic’s own linear switches, which are relatively quiet but still provide tactile feedback when pressed. The activation distance is only 1 mm, and the total travel distance is 3.2 mm. The body is made of anodized aluminum and plastic, which prevents it from bending or creaking during use.

The manufacturer has also added backlighting, which looks great when the room is well lit. However, the backlighting can be too bright in the dark, so you may need to reduce its brightness. Fnatic has created the Fnatic OP software for configuring the RGB LEDs and creating macros or remapping keys.

Best for typing: MSI Vigor GK50


  • Size (LWH, cm): 35.4*14*3.3
  • Weight (kg): 1.22
  • Profile: 100%
  • Backlight: RGB
  • Wireless: No

In January 2022, MSI released the new GK50 keyboard. In this version, the manufacturer listened to the consumers and lubricated the switches with switches, which is extremely rare.

The GK50 design has not changed compared to previous versions. It is still minimalist, without unnecessary details and buttons for macros. The edges of the body are slightly cut. The top panel is made of aluminum, which is stylized as metal. Rubber pads are located on the lower part, under the spacebar and in the corners.

Low-profile Kailh Choc switches are used. They have a small actuation distance of only 1.5 mm, and a full travel distance of 3 mm. The switches and stabilizers are lubricated, so they will last longer. The typing experience is pleasant: a nice click sound and good feedback are heard when pressing the keys. The keycaps are made of ABS plastic. The spacebar has a slight wobble, but it won’t affect your typing speed.

The manufacturer also added RGB backlighting. There are many modes that can be changed directly on the keyboard using hotkeys or in the MSI Dragon Center program. It doesn’t hurt your eyes even at night. Latin characters are illuminated, so you can see all the labels better in the dark.

Best budget option: Cougar Vantar


  • Size (LWH, cm): 44.5*13.2*2
  • Weight (kg): 0.85
  • Profile: 100%
  • Backlight: RGB
  • Wireless: No

This mechanical keyboard features a very thin body and keycaps. The overall height of the body is only 2 cm, which ensures that your hand won’t get strained during extended use. The manufacturer used Cherry MX Red Low-profile switches for the keyboard.

The thin body is made of regular ABS plastic. Five rubber feet are glued to the bottom, providing a secure connection to the desk. A LED strip is glued to the sides, but if viewed from the side, there may be some light bleeding and dark spots. The backlight modes can be switched directly on the keyboard using hotkeys, and there is no separate program for customization.

Despite being marketed as a gaming keyboard, the low-profile keyboard is suitable for any task.

Best ergonomic: iKBC X410


  • Size (lwh, cm): 7*2.6*0.4
  • Weight (kg): 1.31
  • Profile: 100%
  • Backlight: None
  • Wireless: None

The iKBC X410 is a decent full-size, low-profile keyboard suitable for work and gaming. The body is made of ABS plastic and has rubber feet on the bottom to increase grip on the desk.

The keycaps provide a pleasant tactile response with quiet clicks. It uses Cherry MX Red Low-Profile switches, which are smaller than standard switches.

The keyboard’s ergonomics deserve special mention. The device is slightly curved in the middle, which lowers the central rows of keys. This helps prevent finger strain and reduces hand fatigue.

Best wireless: Cooler Master SK650 (SK651)


  • Dimensions (LWH, cm): 43*12.5*2.5
  • Weight (kg): 0.743
  • Profile: 100%
  • Backlight: Yes
  • Wireless: Yes

The SK650 model resembles an old mechanical keyboard from Corsair. The body is made of durable plastic, and its surface is stylized to look like metal. The bottom part is made of aluminum.

Low-profile Cherry MX switches provide smooth button presses. The actuation distance is only 0.8mm, making it suitable for both typing and gaming. However, typing may be a bit challenging at first due to the very short key travel.

The device supports the One The Fly technology, allowing you to record macros and change backlight settings using hotkeys. The developers also implemented N-Key rollover.

There are two versions of this model available for purchase: SK650 and SK651. The latter features Bluetooth connectivity.

What to consider when choosing a keyboard?

In addition to keycaps, switches, and price, there are important factors to consider.

Adaptation time

Adapting to a low-profile mechanical keyboard is not difficult and you will only need to spend a couple of days to type at your previous level. It is desirable to have a 10-finger typing technique to achieve this. Of course, you can do without this skill, but the typing experience will be worse, and it will take longer to get used to it. Some people get used to a new keyboard within a week, typing with two or four fingers. Others take a month to fully master the new device.


If you decide to get a mechanical keyboard, consider its noise level. Even quiet switches like Cherry MX Silent Red will be louder than a membrane keyboard due to the mechanical components of the switches. On the one hand, the click sound gives you tactile feedback that the key has been pressed. On the other hand, you won’t be able to work at night if someone is sleeping in the same room.

Advantages of low-profile

Compared to other mechanical keyboards, the low-profile keyboard stands out for its portability. Its height rarely exceeds 2 cm, and it is significantly lighter. This makes it easy to carry the device around.

Other advantages of any mechanical keyboard include:

  • durability and reliability;
  • tactile feedback;
  • easy to disassemble, change switches, and clean.

Disadvantages of low-profile

Low-profile keyboards also have one major drawback. Due to the small size of the keys, you may accidentally press the wrong button.

Other disadvantages of mechanical keyboards include:

  • strong noise even on quiet switches;
  • price.

You will also need a fairly long time to get used to the new switches, especially if you are transitioning from a different type of keyboard.


Does a low-profile keyboard help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome?

There is no definitive research proving that low-profile keyboards are better for the hands. However, many users report that hand pain has indeed decreased after switching to low-profile models.

What is N-Key?

N-Key is a function that allows multiple keys to be pressed simultaneously. For example, if you press 6 characters in a text editor, they will all appear on the screen.

N-Key can be limited or unlimited. A limited N-Key allows you to press a fixed number of keys simultaneously. For example, 6-Key means that you can press no more than 6 keys at the same time. If the letter “N” is written instead of a number, the keyboard controller can process an unlimited number of key presses. For example, if you press all the keys on the keyboard simultaneously, they will all be printed in the text editor.

Which switches to choose for typing, and which for gaming?

For gaming, it is better to choose switches like Cherry MX Red or similar ones from other manufacturers. Their linear construction provides fast typing, which is necessary in games, but they are not suitable for typing.

For typing, switches like Cherry MX Blue, Green, or other clicky switches are suitable. They have a higher actuation force, so you will make fewer typos.

What is Hot Swap?

To make it easier for users to change switches on their keyboards, manufacturers attach them using Hot Swap technology. This allows switches to be removed with a puller without soldering or other complexities.

Do mechanical keyboards make more noise than membrane ones?

Yes, but much depends on the switches you use. For example, if you take a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Silent switches, the clicks will be audible at the level of membrane models.

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