Keycool Hero 84

Cherry MX Switches
The Keycool 84 begins with a tenkeyless layout that gives you easy access to all of the keys that you need. When compared to other TKL models like the Keycool 87-Key Keyboard, the 84 manages to fit all the same functions on a smaller footprint with three less keys. Up top, your PBT keycaps are adorned with laser-engraved legends that hold up beautifully to any and all typing wear and tear.
Giving you all the keys and function you need while trimming off the fat, the Keycool 84 provides a compact and easy to use layout that makes it easy to transfer from that full size keyboard. Assembled with Cherry mechanical switches, the Keycool 84 Keyboard gives you a new typing platform that feels just like an old friend.
Underneath, dual IC processing chips enable stabler function, including 21-key rollover over USB and N-key rollover with PS2. Fully compatible with Windows, built with dedicated multimedia controls, and including a Game mode that disables the Windows key, the Keycool 84 Keyboard brings your typing experience to a whole new level.

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